Lucie Ebozoo introducing the conference at the Lycee National Leon Mba

With the theme "Inspiring young women", these exchanges aim to share the diverse experience of members of the Shell Women’s Network with schoolgirls in the first and final years. The main objective is to motivate them in facing the choices and challenges confronting all young people.

This roadshow started on Friday November 20 at Lycée National Léon Mba and end on December 2nd at Lycée Nelson Mandela. In those flagship schools, the panel of women from Shell Gabon, comprising Lucie Ebozoo (Wells Office Manager Business Support), Armelle Zague (Social Performance and Social Investment Manager), Helene Ngnare Essiane (Human Resources), Nancy Bignoumba Redjao Ep. Malekou (Reservoir engineer), Florence N'dzanga (Business Finance Lead), and Laure Assembe Ovono (Logistics Assistant), spoke to almost 200 schoolgirls by school.

The meetings started off with a safety briefing followed by a run-through of the day’s agenda and a presentation of the objectives of the conferences/debates: “a few years ago, we were sitting where you are and we have had various experiences that we want to share with you, so that one day you too will sit here doing the same thing for other schoolgirls” indicated Lucie.

Lucie Ebozoo introducing the conference at the Lycee National Leon Mba

Subsequently, Hélène Ngnare, Human Resources Manager, presented some figures to illustrate the representation of women within Shell Gabon. “Women account for approximately 16% of Shell staff and are represented at all levels of the organisation, in engineering disciplines as well as support functions” she said.

With the slogans “Dare to explore all the possibilities”, “The sky is my limit”, “Yes, you can do it”, “Sticking to your choices and dreams”, “Anything is possible if you believe it”, Lucie, Nancy, Hélène, Florence, each in turn, gave inspirational presentations that were full of insight into their educational and professional paths as well as the key to their success. They then introduced the roles and activities that they fulfil within the company.

“Little girls with dreams become women with vision” was the key message that concluded the presentation phase. Through that message, the representatives of the Women’s Network of Shell Gabon encouraged the young women to have dreams and above all to give themselves the means to realise them.

The question and answer sessions kept all of its promises. In fact, the young pupils sought guidance on subjects such as careers advice, tips for overcoming failure and financial difficulties, managing priorities and other subjects relating to Shell Gabon, such as safety management, Shell Gabon’s social contribution, etc.

In conclusion, the pupils thanked the Women’s Network of Shell Gabon for sharing those moments with them. “You will remain role models for us because your diverse experience is proof that we can also succeed” stated the schoolgirls’ representatives. This initiative has been greeted by Head of schools who considered those sessions as a tool to boost young girls. The Women’s Network of Shell Gabon intends to continue this experience in other institutions in the country.