Ghislain Moundounga and Daniel Hooft (Shell Gabon’s Wells manager) shake hands after the contract between Shell Gabon and GM Energy is signed
Ghislain Moundounga and Daniel Hooft (Shell Gabon’s Wells manager) shake hands after the contract between Shell Gabon and GM Energy is signed

The aim is to improve the potential and the skills of the Gabonese community and small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) to participate in the oil company’s activities in a sustainable way.This forms the background to the recent contract signed between Shell Gabon and GM Energy, a Gabonese company specialising in fluids, headed by young Gabonese entrepreneur Ghislain Moundounga. In 2013 he was rated among the top 100 African business people. Under this contract, which came about as a result of a series of in-depth technical discussions and the detailed development of a joint working platform, GM Energy will supply Shell Gabon with technical service (equipment and staff) in fluid filtration operations.

“The signing of this contract between GM Energy and Shell Gabon, following a long evaluation process (legal, due diligence, HSE audits and technical audits), is a happy outcome for this Gabonese company. It’s not just Shell Gabon, but a major global oil company that has decided to place its trust in a Gabonese SME, with which it is joining forces in a highly technical field. This provides concrete evidence of Shell Gabon’s support for the Local Content Policy promoted by the Gabonese Government,” said a delighted Ghislain Moundounga, adding:

“This three-year contract will have a substantial positive impact on our company, both locally and internationally. All the GM Energy staff join me in thanking, among other people, Godson Njoku, Shell Gabon’s Managing Director, Daniel Hooft, its Wells Manager, and Thierry Maysounabe, Fluids Coordinator, without whom this contract would not have been possible. We are going to maintain a high level of service quality to continue to earn this trust, through excellent technical performance and strict adherence to Shell Gabon’s health, safety and environmental requirements."

François Onanga-Gondjout, Shell Gabon’s Local Content Manager, said he was pleased to see the company’s Local Content Policy in action once again.

“This is an achievement that will, in practice, give Shell Gabon a commercial advantage and new opportunites through the development of the potential and the skills of local suppliers. In 2014, Shell Gabon awarded contracts amounting to the equivalent of FCFA 458 million ($800,000) to local Gabonese businesses in the Gamba region,” he said.

In selecting GM Energy, Shell Gabon is once again displaying its commitment to continue implementing its Local Content Policy in an efficient way. This is in line with its vision to be the most competitive and innovative partner in Gabon’s energy industry, through robust partnerships as well as in other ways.