Accompanied by his Business Advisor, Oro Awaritefe, Markus Droll had several communication sessions with members of the Shell Gabon Leadership Team as well as operations and technical teams. The purpose of these discussions was to discuss further activities for 2014 and beyond. Wednesday June 18 was devoted to site visits which allowed him to gain an overview of some company assets as well as workgroup sessions with the subsurface teams.

Markus Droll first site visit was to the Yenzi Housing project, accompanied with staff from the Engineering. The discussions with staff at the site, highlighted the need to understand and comply with the Life Saving Rules and the importance of communication in this multicultural environment. Staff was congratulated by Markus Droll for the quality of the work carried out.

Following the visit to the new houses in Yenzi, was the Gamba terminal visit including the Operations Control Room, the ISF (produced water treatment system), the Tank 1503 being restored, the sea line and the Chemicals laboratory.

Markus Droll returned to Nigeria on Thursday June 19 in the early afternoon.