Shell Gabon signs contract with Gabon’s Ministry of Oil for the building of the Moungagara Loubomo road

Sep 12, 2012

In conjunction with the Government Shell Gabon has initiated the building of a 53 kilometre road from Moungagara in the Ndougou department to Loubomo in Basse Banio department, in Gabon, in order to connect the town of Gamba to the national road network. The project will be carried out with the technical support of the German Agency for Development Cooperation, the Deutsche Gesellschaft fur Internationale Zusammenarrbeit (GIZ).

Shell Gabon Gamba Oil spill notification

Apr 18, 2012

On 11 April 2012, a malfunction in the oil in water separation facilities within Shell Gabon’s Gamba Terminal resulted in the discharge of oil contaminated water to the sea.